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MotionPoint Culture

Discover the 3 sets of ISMs and principles guiding our culture, and working style. This is what it means to be a part of MotionPoint!

MotionPoint is a Culture of ISMs to our Employees, Business and Customers

An "ISM" is a suffix that refers to a strong principle or belief. It is a set of values so powerful; it drives behavior and serves as a guidepost for our company culture.

Our Employee ISMs emphasize the values we uphold within our team, Our Customer ISMs focus on the standards that enhance our customer engagements, and Our Company ISMs drive our business decisions and innovations. Together, these nine ISMs shape our daily operations and aspirations.

MotionPoint Employee ISMs

These sets of values drive each of our employees.


MotionPointers show empathy by considering others and what it would mean to walk a mile in their shoes.


MotionPointers take ownership for the part they play in their own success and success of others.


MotionPointers are open and honest. They keep their teamates and staff informed and up-to-date.

MotionPoint Company ISMs

These sets of values drive how we manage our business day-to-day.

Iterate to Great

This helps MotionPoint to be nimble, flexible, and fast when it comes to implementing new products and features instead of slow and ridged.

In Data We Trust

Sometimes a gut feeling can be wrong, so MotionPoint always seeks to make decisions based on the data.

Innovate to Win

Innovation is an integral part of success. MotionPoint implements smart and creative ideas to win.

MotionPoint Customer ISMs

These sets of values drive our passion for our customer satisfaction

Know the

MotionPointers seek to understand customers' problems. They ask the right questions and know how to help in the best and most efficient manner.

Delight with

Website translation helps companies and individuals connect and achieve great things. We are proud to be part of that.


MotionPointers strive to make every customer’s project so easy, fast, and enjoyable that they preach about their experience

MotionPoint’s Working Style

What it's like to work and play at MotionPoint
Tracking and Communicating KPIs

At MotionPoint employees are always working towards a goal so they have direction, motivation, and purpose. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are established, tracked, and reviewed collaboratively between leadership and employees.

Leadership is E.A.T.!

The leadership at MotionPoint is Empathetic, Accountable, and Transparent. E.A.T. is a respect-based value system that starts at the top and can be found everywhere throughout the organization.

Don’t Walk the Plank

Simply put, don't blindly follow orders. Anyone can make a bad call and that includes leadership. MotionPoint encourages employees to have their own thoughts and ideas and finds it acceptable to question tasks and objectives and offer up alternative solutions.

Don’t Come to Me Until You Went to Him/Her

Be accountable and squelch grievances quickly. Be communicative and take care of problems or disagreements with other employees in a respectful, timely manner. Attempt resolution on your own first before escalating.

Earn Your Opportunity and Deserve Your Reward

The best person to grow your career is you. Part of accountability is to take ownership of your own growth and success. Seek out opportunities to learn and improve and prove your worth.

Wear Your Running Shoes!

At MotionPoint we move quickly with ideas and progress. We iterate to great meaning we're constantly moving and growing. It's exciting not having to wait forever to make progress, implement ideas, or drive the company forward. Working in sprints allows for constant, continual growth for employees, customers, and company.

Fun and Collaborative

Of course it's no fun to be all work and no play. MotionPoint encourages a fun and collaborative environment with office games, cultural celebrations, outings, participating in local charity events, hanging out after hours, and more!

Limit Meetings

Who wouldn't cheer for this one? While there are times and places for meetings, MotionPoint encourages the team to be purposeful and intentional when scheduling meetings only if required and to pay careful consideration to who ends up on the attendee list as to not waste anyone's time.

Be Creative

Good ideas can come from anyone, at anytime. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and to share your ideas with the team.

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