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Evaluating Website Translation Costs? Here’s What You Need To Know

Over 70% of Marketing professionals have never translated a website before. Here are the costs that you generally have to consider:
Initial Conversion

Also known as I.C., refers to the process of translating your website into a new language for the first time. Depending on the level of quality you need, initial conversion costs vary. Ensure this is a onetime expense and team up with a partner that lets you own your translation memory .

Ongoing Technology & Services Fees

After your IC, you will likely continue updating content on your origin website. To ensure continuous translation and low costs, you must use the right translation quality and technology.

Why Take Advantage of This Offer?

Now that you understand the importance of initial conversion and ongoing technology costs, take advantage of this $10,000 offer to your Initial Conversion costs. Get started for free!

Start translating your website for FREE and enable your organization to:

Test New Markets: 36% of organizations who leveraged website translation in the past year did so to enter new secondary markets.

Build Deeper Connections with Audiences: 75% of consumers prefer to buy products in their native language.

Grow International Traffic and Revenue: Website translation enables users from around the world to find, access and better understand your website.

Unburden Internal Teams: MotionPoint delivers high quality website translation in 60 days or less, with updates implemented within one business day.

Translation Technology You Can Trust:

Notre technologie

MP Core: Traduction par proxy

The fastest, most cost-effective way to launch and maintain multilingual websites. We manage the entire project for you allowing your team to stay focused on top priorities. With the proxy approach, you'll get:

New websites translated in 60 days or less

Content updates within one business day

A Translation Memory that is constantly updated, keeping costs low

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MP Core: Translation Integrations

Our integrations make website localization seamless to manage if you prefer a hands-on approach. MotionPoint's connectors, plugins, and API instantly link your website's content to our professional translators. Use MotionPoint's API or any of the following:

Adobe Experience Manager

Drupal Translation Connector

WordPress WPML Plugin

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