Watch: Mastering Website Translation for Marketers

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How to Translate Corporate Websites

In This Free Webinar, You’ll Learn:

Website Translation Maturity Curve: Pinpoint your brand’s position in the translation maturity curve. Learn how translation quality, technology, and control impact costs and evolves across the maturity curve.

The Degrees of Owning vs. Partnering: Discover the most popular ways of insourcing translation and the potential outsourcing options to get leverage from.

Diverse Approaches to Website Translation: Delve deep into Proxy Translation, Translation Integrations, and In-House Translation, understanding the benefits and challenges of each.

Factors Affecting Translation Costs: It’s not just about price-per-word. Learn everything about calculating website translation costs and ROI.

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Why Watch?

Professional Development

Amplify your digital marketing skills and learn how to monetize websites in any market or language.

Master Global Strategies

Provide cost effective recommendations to your team based on your brand’s business goals and position in the translation maturity curve.

Strategic Insights

Master the critical dimensions of website translation and learn how to evaluate your brand’s needs based on the different translation approaches available.


The Website Translation Maturity Curve
From novices to experts, understand the stages of website translation

Key Takeaways:

Initiating with quality translations.

Embracing automation for efficiency.

Brand Adapted NMT and AI Translation.

Deciding on in-house translation.

Insourcing vs. Outsourcing: Making the Right Decision
Gauge the advantages and constraints of both strategies.

Key Takeaways:

Analyzing costs and feasibility.

Ensuring translation consistency and quality.

Evaluating speed, efficiency, and strategic fit.

Decoding Translation Approaches
Navigating the Complex World of Website Translation

Key Takeaways:

Traduction par proxy

Server-Based Proxies: Store translations server-side ensuring ease of editability and maintaining brand standards.

Browser-Based Proxies: Render at the browser level, offering quicker solutions albeit at the cost of translation quality.

Translation Integrations: Discover the power and limitations of translation connectors, plugins, and custom APIs.

Understand the challenges of cost, scalability, and the feedback loop involved.

In-House Translation: Dive into the intricate process of centralizing translation control.

Learn when it's optimal to invest in linguists and professionals, especially beneficial when a large team updates website content.

Factors Affecting Translation Costs
Website Sophistication for Cost-Effective Global Outreach

Key Takeaways:

Language Variety: Specifying the language(s) you need, and your website's word count will help you gain a better idea of costs and control your marketing budget effectively.

Translation Quality: Understand how translation quality impacts costs and align your investments with your corporate marketing goals.

Website or Web Application Complexity: The complexity of your website will be a driving factor in the total cost of your translation project. Additional factors include whether or not your site has dynamic content, how frequently you update content, and your technology framework.

Still not convinced?

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Top Six Reasons to Localize Your Corporate Website:

Global Brand Reach: Target multilingual and global markets to expand your corporate brand reach.

Entering New Markets: Attract and retain a diverse international customer base by localizing your corporate website.

Legal Compliance: Ensure legal compliance with language access, a critical aspect for corporate ethics.

Traffic and Revenue Growth: Attract global customers for increased corporate website traffic and revenue.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Deliver a world-class customer experience, pivotal for corporate success.

SEO Benefits: Reap the SEO benefits of engaging, multilingual online content, enhancing your corporate online visibility.