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La traduction de sites Web : les avantages de l'approche par proxy

The proxy-based approach to website translation is widely considered the most elegant way to launch and operate localized websites for global customers.

Proxies efficiently leverage your origin website’s code and content to instantly present localized experiences to your website visitors.

So how does this approach help you and your business?

Eliminate the effort for your teams

Proxies use smart automation to eliminate the countless operational complexities that usually come with website translation projects. This means you won't spend valuable hours-or sometimes days-every week tracking changes, managing translation workflows and publishing translated content.

Proxies also eliminate effort for your IT team. They don't require technical customizations or ongoing development the way some CMSs and CMS connectors do.

Discover how the proxy approach eliminates the technical complexities of website translation.

Superior speed to market

Since proxy-powered websites use your origin site's structured code, you don't have to build a localized website from scratch. This dramatically reduces the time it takes to translate and launch websites for global markets.

The best solutions can localize and launch your entire site in about 30 days, giving your organization a competitive edge.

Learn more about the importance of speed for digital global business.

Delivers a great experience

The best proxy solutions can also detect translatable content in all formats, including text, multimedia, graphics, single-page applications and even content loaded from third-party services and servers. Localizing this content provides a fully-translated, immersive customer experience for international customers. This increases engagement and their time on-site because it delivers the same excellent experience that's available on your origin site.

The turn-key proxy

Keep in mind that proxy solutions vary widely. Look for a fully turn-key proxy that makes it easy, or even effortless, to translate, operate and optimize your multilingual websites.

Discover more ways to optimize multilingual websites for better engagement.

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Guide technique pour choisir la bonne solution de traduction

Guide technique pour choisir la bonne solution de traduction

The right translation solution does more than serve your global customers. It also makes life easier for your IT team.
La traduction proxy, redéfinie.

La traduction proxy, redéfinie.

Découvrez 10 vérités à propos de la traduction de sites Web basée sur un proxy, telle que l'envisage MotionPoint.
Découvrez la solution basée sur proxy de MotionPoint

Découvrez la solution basée sur proxy de MotionPoint

Our fully turn-key solution makes it fast and easy for brands to reach global customers online.


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